Tile Sealing Service Canberra

Tile Sealing Service

Sealing Tiles & Grout

Dario’s Tile Sealing Service Canberra uses revolutionary know-how to restore your Tiles to a brand new look again. Cleaning, Sealing, Colour Enhancing, and Repairs are some of the key services offered by Dario’s Tile Sealing Service Canberra.

The experts of our tile sealing service Canberra have a sealing procedure for tiled floors that gives the homeowner and building owners the insurance that their floors will be cleaned professionally.

Our Tile Sealing procedure is amazing which involves applying chemical solution to a porous tile or stone that penetrates the surface.
Choosing thousands of tiles and grouts available on the market is not easy task. However, it is important to protect your choice. Tile and grout sealing provides that protection and can extend the life of your tiles and grout, helping to keep them clean, sanitary and presentable.

Different tiles and grouts require different types of sealants. Tiling can be an expensive investment, so sealing immediately after installation is a smart move.

In general, ceramic tiles do not need to be sealed. whereas natural stone do, In any case, the joints must be sealed. This process of tile sealing may seem like an extra cost to buy tiles and grout,

The specialists of Tile Sealing Service Canberra have spent the last decade dealing with a variety of tiles, grouts, cleaners and sealers, so when you choose our Tile Sealing Service Canberra you can be sure you are in good hands. If the tiles and grout are not new, they must be cleaned before applying the appropriate sealer. Even in the case of a new installation, any veil of grout must be eliminated before applying the sealant.

Tile Sealing Service Canberra

Process of Tile Sealing

Our experts of Tile Sealing Service Canberra ensure that our rigorous process provides only the best results, including the following method:

  • Inspection of all tiles and joints.
  • Cleaning of all areas with appropriate cleaning solutions
  • Spot treatment, if needed
  • Dry all cleaned areas
  • Offer your customers a selection of welding machines
  • Apply the required number of sealing coats of the chosen sealer
  • Recommend the best maintenance method for your newly sealed surfaces

Topical Sealers:

Topical sealants are surface coatings. They are designed to be laid over stone or tile and provide a high gloss finish. These are water-based products made from polymers and are the most economical to apply. Topical sealants are applied to the surface after cleaning and can be up to 4 coats deep. The more layers, the shinier the surface.

Penetrating Sealers:

Penetrating seals are also referred to as impregnating seals. They are most commonly used in the sealant industry as they provide high protection against water and stains and have a long Tile Sealing Service Canberra even life of up to 10 years. Penetrating sealants penetrate tile and stone surfaces to provide protection. When applied, the resin lines the pores of the surface, creating a multi-dimensional bond that is then absorbed by the tile, repelling water, oil, and stains. Since this type of sealant is absorbed by the stone or tile, it does not change the appearance of the surface or affect its anti-slip properties. This means that if your surface was non-slip before sealing, it will be non-slip after sealing. Most penetrating sealants have a matte finish.

Tile and Grout sealing service Canberra
Tile Sealing Service in Canberra

Solvent sealers:

Sealants containing solvents also impregnate sealants. Solvent sealers penetrate deeper into the surface but are much more difficult to apply and have a high VOC content which means they give off a strong odour when applied. Once applied, they offer reasonable long-term protection against water and some stains. They are not the best sealants for oil stains.

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Tile Sealing Service Tile Sealing Service

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