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Our upholstery cleaning system uses chemicals to intelligently clean your upholstery without damaging your sofa or chairs. The experts of our Upholstery Cleaning Canberra use specially formulated dry cleaning solution to break down the oils and greases that bind dirt to fabric. Once the oils are dissolved, it becomes much easier to do a hot water extraction cleaning and wash away all the dirt and stains. Hot water extraction involves flushing hot water under pressure into the fabric, and then using a powerful vacuum to suck the water out along with dirt. Our upholstery cleaning solutions are designed for all types of fabric to ensure we treat your lounge in right way.

The experts of our upholstery cleaning Canberra offer exclusive stain removal products and processes, offering the best way to keep your upholstery clean and stain free. We have upholstery cleaning process for all sofas, chairs, mattresses and other upholstery in your home..

Regular Cleaning

Our regular home cleaning services Canberra include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

Our home cleaning services Canberra team has decades of experience has built a strong reputation for quality home cleaning services Canberra and surrounding NSW suburbs. Our experts of home cleaning services Canberra undergo extensive home cleaning and policing training to ensure that our customers are comfortable with our cleaners.

Our regular home cleaning services is offered daily, weekly and bi-weekly. With our home cleaning services adapted to your needs from a minimum of 2 hours to any number of hours. The experts home cleaning services Canberra offer the flexibility to work with clients’ work schedules and pay attention to detail in cleaning priorities as requested.

Our home cleaning services are designed to make your life easier by taking the stress out of getting home from work and taking care of the cleaning. With Dario’s Carpet Cleaning taking care of your home cleaning services, we give you the power to come home to a beautiful and clean home.

Our regular home cleaning services Canberra extend to:

Cleaning of terraces and outdoor areas
Make the bed and change the bedding
carpet cleaning
Empty containers and replace garbage bags
Ironing and folding clothes
friendly pet
Dirty clothes
Cleaning baseboards and window sills

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Most Trusted Home Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaner can be a tricky process—house cleaning services involves a lot more than you might think.

Here is a list of qualities that a great house cleaning company should have.

Reliability. Not just to show up on time, but to understand that they are invited to your home, and thereby create a strong bond of trust.
availability. You don’t have to hire the cheapest house cleaners on the market, but you get what you pay for. There is nothing worse than being deceived.

Efficiency. Dario’s home cleaning services Canberra you choose should get the job done at a reasonable price without compromise quality while still delivering a product of the highest quality.
Good. When you hire our home cleaning expert to clean your house, you want them to respect your space and belongings.
Efficient. When the home cleaning is complete, your house should be clean, very clean. Attention to every detail.

Providing Carpet Cleaning Services for more than 17 years

Right Home Cleaning Services Company in Canberra

Dario’s Carpet Cleaning has been in the ACT region for more than 17 years, providing Carpet Cleaning Solutions that no other carpet cleaner in Canberra can match. Competence and knowledge of our experts in Home Carpet Cleaning Canberra are proven time and time again. Our experts of home carpet cleaning Canberra never leave our clients’ property unless they are 100% satisfied with our home cleaning services.
Unlike many other carpet cleaning companies in Canberra, the experts of our home cleaning services Canberra are constantly educating ourselves and learning the latest techniques to restore your carpet to its original luster. Our home cleaning services Canberra competitors can offer you only one type of cleaning that they own. With us, on the other hand, you can take advantage of all kinds of home cleaning services methods. Here are some of the home cleaning methods that the experts of our home cleaning services Canberra can offer our clients:

Hot water removal, also known as carpet steam cleaning.
Dry cleaning of carpets
Bonnet carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning by encapsulation

Home Cleaning Services Canberra

One Off Cleaning

Our experts of home cleaning services Canberra provides one-off home cleaning services are typically for initial home cleaning. Dario’s home cleaning can be done monthly, every 3 weeks, as a one-off  home cleaning, or as the first regular household cleaning. Our home cleaning services Canberra team provides the following standard home cleaning services listed in the table, plus additional customized home cleaning services available.

Our home cleaning and spot cleaning services include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Our home cleaning is the cleaning that the experts of our home cleaning services Canberra offer to keep your home under control by providing a more thorough cleaning than regular house cleaning. The experts of our home cleaning services Canberra provide the cleaning chemicals and equipment to ensure your home is properly sanitized.

With our single time customized home cleaning services as per your need, from a minimum of 3 hours to as many hours as your home needs. The experts of our home cleaning services Canberra relieve you of the stress in the household and leave you with clean home at the end of the day.

Our one-off house cleaning services include:

Cleaning of switches and plugs.
clean the door handle
clean the doors
Balcony and exterior cleaning
Make the beds and change the bedding.
carpet cleaning
oven cleaning
clean the fridge
Cleaning crockery and cutlery
Empty trash cans and change trash bags
Ironing and folding clothes
accepted animals
wash clothes, wash clothes

Carpet cleaning Belconnen
End Of Lease Cleaning Services

Our Canberra end lease cleaning services are for moving into a new apartment/house or moving out of an existing apartment/house. Whether you are looking for end-of-lease cleaning, end-of-lease moving, our end-of-lease cleaning services can offer end-of-lease cleaning packages to ensure you get your security deposit back.

Moving out is a stressful task, not to mention cleaning the property when you move out, Our experts of Home Cleaning Services Canberra understand that and that’s why Dario’s Carpet Cleaning Canberra provides post end of lease cleaning to a very high standard, so you get your deposit back. If not, please let us know within 3 days of verification and Dario’s Carpet Cleaning to fix your home cleaning issues for free. The expert of our home cleaning services have a clear understanding of the cleaning requirements, so we know exactly what the experts of home cleaning services Canberra can check to ensure your on-site cleaning inspection process.

Final cleaning is a very detailed and thorough home cleaning required to return the property to a condition for inspection by the owner. Our home cleaning services Canberra team performs a detailed and in-depth cleaning of the entire property.

Living room

All surfaces cleaned and wiped down, baseboards cleaned, doors cleaned, vacuumed and wiped down.

As an extra for the living room and dining room, carpet steam cleaning, rug cleaning, and spot removal are available at a discounted rate when part of an end-of-lease package.

Bathroom, bathtub and laundry

Bathrooms and toilets sanitized and sanitized, sinks cleaned and polished, cabinets clean inside and out, shower and tub sanitized and sanitized, mold removed from showers, exhaust fans cleaned, vacuumed and cleaned.

Home Cleaning Canberra
Home cleaning Services Canberra


Floors and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The doors are wiped down and the inside of the bathrobes are thoroughly cleaned. Window sills and skirting boards dusted and cleaned. cobwebs removed.

Extras for the rooms are cleaning of curtains and upholstery, steam cleaning of mattresses, cleaning of carpets


Kitchen cleaned including extractor hood cleaned, countertops and splashboards cleaned, stove/hob degreased, dishwasher cleaned, surfaces mopped and polished, kitchen cabinets cleaned inside and out, faucet and sink polished, baseboards wiped, floors vacuumed and mopped.

The end-of-lease home cleaning is a very detailed and thorough cleaning that is necessary to prepare the property for inspection by the landlord. Our qualified Home Cleaning Services Canberra team of cleaners has been trained in end-of-lease cleaning. Our Home Cleaning Services Canberra team members are highly experienced, knowledgeable and insured.

Our Home Cleaning Services Canberra professionals carry out their work according to strict standards in order to guarantee a quality result and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Home Cleaning Services Canberra team carries out a detailed and thorough cleaning of the entire property. Our Home Cleaning Services Canberra process encompasses all areas that real estate agents, property managers and owners will review, including: